National Family Benfits Schemes (NFBS)

    This is a centrally sponsored scheme. Under the scheme, an amount of Rs.20,000/- is given as compensation to family members upon the death of a “Primary breadwinner” (male or female) both should have occurred while he or she was in the age group of 18 to 59 years. i.e. more than 18 years of age and less than 60 years of age. Under this scheme, only BPL families are covered

    Details of beneficiaries, budget, and expenditure incurred under this scheme are as under:-

    (Rs. in Crores)
    Financial Year Beneficiaries Expenditure
    2014-15 3933 7.77
    2015-16 3185 6.37
    2016-17 2965 8.53
    2017-18 4155 8.31
    2018-19 4213 8.42
    2019-20 4238 8.48