Home for Aged and Infirm, Rewari

    Home for Aged and Destitute persons, Rewari is run by the Haryana Government to provide Social & Economical Security to the aged and infirm persons. The capacity of this home is 100 inmates. At present 14 inmates are residing in this home and getting free facilities such as boarding lodging, Clothes, Beds, Medical and Recreational. In addition to this an amount of Rs. 50 per month/per person is given, as pocket money. Old male/female above the age of 60 years and infirm male/female persons above the age of 45 years who have no source of livelihood and have nobody to look after them are eligible for admission. For the year 2019-20 there was budget provision of Rs. 610.00 lakh (original) and 600.00 lakh (revised) for construction of home and expenditure was 244.46 lakh. The provision of budget for salary and other expenditure was Rs. 35.55 lakh (original) and 35.70 lakh (revised) and expenditure was 33.70 upto 31.03.2020. For the year 2020-21 there is budget provision of Rs. 35.23 lakh under head Salary & OE and budget provision of 1000.00 lakh for Construction. Rs. 619.91 Lakh has been sanctioned/released for construction of Old Age Home on 29.06.2020. Budget provision for year 2021-22 is 1000.00 Lakh and Rs. 357.61 lakh has been sanctioned/released for the construction of Old Age Home on 31.03.2022. Budget provision for year 2022-23 is 2500.00 Lakh and Expenditure is nil till 30.04.2022.