Scheme For Prevention Of Alcoholism And Substance (Drug) Abuse

    Drug De-addiction Centres.

    To eradicate the evil of drug addiction in Haryana State,  the State Govt. has notified the Rules under Narcotic Drug and Psychotropic Substances Act, 1985, (Central Act, 61 of 1985). These Rules are called the Haryana De-addiction Centres Rules, 2010. Under the Rules a de-addiction centre can operate in the State of Haryana only after getting license under Rule-6. There are 104 Drug-de-addiction Centres are being run by voluntary organizations and Health Department upto 08-06-2021. The provisions in the Budget and expenditure made by the Government, the details thereof are as under:-

    (Rs. in Lakh)

    Year Budget Revised Budget Expenditure
    2017-18 50.00 48.78
    2018-19 100.00 50.00 14.43
    2019-20 1000.00 200.00 100.66
    2020-21 1000.00 333.79
    2021-22 1000.00



              The State Award Scheme for “ State Awards for Outstanding Services In The Field Of Prevention Of Alcholism And Substance Abuse”to implement the objectives of the schemes was started wide Notification dated 06-03-2017 with a view to recognize the efforts and encourage excellence in the prevention of alcoholism and substance abuse and rehabilitation of its victim, awards shall be presented every year for the most effective or outstanding services as individual as well as institutions in the prevention of abuse of :-

    A-Alcohol, B-Narcotic Drugs, C-Psychotropic substances, D-Other addictive substances (Cough syrups, correction fluid, etc.) As per provision of budget and expenditure under the scheme made by the Government, the details thereof are as under:-

                                                                                                              Rs. in lacs

    Financial Year Budget Revise Budget Expenditure on State Awards
    2017-18 50.00 4.10
    2018-19 100.00 50.00 6.00
    2019-20 1000.00 200.00 3.50
    2020-21 1000.00 5.15
     2021-22 1000.00  —

    There are   9 Categories under the scheme of State Award for De-addiction, which are given as under:-

    Sr.No. Category of State Award
    1 Best Drug De-Addiction Centre providing services to alcoholics and drug users.
    2 Best Panchayati Raj Institution working for prevention of alcohoism and substance abuse.
    3 Best Municipal Body working for prevention of alcohoism and substance abuse.
    4 Best School doing outstanding work in awareness generation and prevention of alcohoism and substance abuse.
    5 Best College doing outstanding work in awareness generation and prevention of alcohoism and substance abuse.
    6  Best Curative Campaign
    7  Best awareness Campaign
    8 Outstanding individual achievement professional
    9 Outstanding individual achievement by a non-professional


    The Drug-de-addiction branch deals with following work/programmes also given as under :-

    1. State Action Plan for Drug Demand Reduction.
    2. Implementation Framework of National Action Plan for Drug Demand Reduction.
    3. Organize awareness generation programme on drug de-addiction at Karnal.
    4. Organize workshop on Drug de-addition at Institute of Mental Health at Rohtak.
    5. A Haryana State Society for Prevention of Substance Use have been constituted. Am amount of Rs 3.25 Crore has been issued in the year 2020-21. Finance Department has approved 10 posts at Headquarter level and 6 posts in each districts, action is being taken.
    6. Awareness & Capacity Building/Sensitization programme on Drug Abuse Prevention (National Institute of Social Defence).
    7. Infrastructure requirement of Divisional Level 50 bedded Model Drug De- addiction-cum-Rehabilitation Centres.
    8. Infrastructure requirement of District level 30 bedded Model Durg De-addiction- cum-Rehabilitation Centres.
    9. Proposal of Model Prisons Drug De-addiction Centres (Rohtak & Hisar).
    10. Community based Peer led intervention (CPI) for Early Drug Use Prevention among Adolescents and Outreach and Drop In Centres (ODIC) two Intervention programmes under National Action Plan by NISD.
    11. Proposal for Financial Assistance to people family with HIV/AIDS on Anti Retroviral Treatment.
    12. In each District, a District Coordination Committee has been constituted under the Chairmanship of the Deputy Commissioner by which action is being taken against the drug.
    13. Rehabilitation Policy has already been submitted to Senior Advocate and Amicus Curiae as ordered by Hon’ble High Court.
    14. 1,52,761 Migrant Workers counselled in Haryana with reference to Hon’ble Supreme Court CWP No.468 and 469 of 2020.