Grant In- Aid To The Voluntary Organizations

    Grant-in-aid is provided to Non Government Organisations/Voluntary Organisation working in the field for Persons with Disabilities. Some of voluntary organizations are Mother Teresa Saket Hospital, Panchkula, Deaf & Dumb Disabled Welfare Society, Panhckula, Hind Kusht Niwaran Sangh, Haryana, District Red Cross Society, Haryana, National Association for the Blind, Faridabad, S.D. Institute cum-Library for the Blind, Ambala etc. Grant-in-aid is provided to these organizations for the purpose of salary of staff, ration money and maintenance allowance of residents. Name of the schemes are as follows:

    • Grant-in-aid to other Voluntary Organization of Handicapped Welfare (Master Trainer Salary):
    • Haryana Welfare Society/School for Deaf and Dumb:
    • Hind Kusht Niwaran Sangh, Haryana
    • District Handicapped Welfare Centre
    • Strengthening of Programms for the Institution of Handicapped:
    • Grant-in-aid to Mother Teresa Saket Hospital Panchkula
    • Employment to Blind Persons:
    • Insurance scheme for the parents/guardians of persons with disabilities (NIRMAYA).

    Budget of all above mentioned schemes was merged in F.Y. 2020-21:

    (Rs. in lakh)

    Year Budget Provision Expenditure
    2019-20 572.05 520.06
    2020-21 530.00 460.67
    2021-22 530.00 529.94
    2022-23 1030.00