Financial Assistance To Non-School Going Disabled Children

    The scheme was started since 2008-09. Under this scheme financial assistance is provided to mentally retarded and multiple disabled children who are in the age group of 0-18 years and not able to attend formal education, training etc. due to their disability. They are totally depending on their parents and relatives and need constant supervision and care of their families. Financial Assistance shall be admissible under the scheme @ Rs. 1900/- p.m. w.e.f. April, 2021 to every such disabled child in the family of the applicant.

    (Rs. in Lakh)

    Year Budget Provision Beneficiaries Expenditure
    2021-22 Rs. 2700.00 11684 Rs. 2167.74
    2022-23 Rs. 3858.00 11680 Rs. 178.66
    (As on 30.04.2022)