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                         Social Justice and Empowerment Department, Haryana is fully dedicated to the upliftment, Socially, economically and physically Rehabilitation and overall development of blinds, deaf and dumb and Orthopaedically Handicapped Persons of the State.  For this purpose, a number of facilities are being provided to the disabled and a number of schemes are being run details of which are as under: -

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2.            Pension to Handicapped Persons:

                        Under this scheme, disabled persons of  more than  18 years  age having not less than  70% disability are being  provided  handicapped pension  @ Rs. 300/- p.m.

Recently  the rate of pension in case of blinds, deaf and dumb, mentally retarded and  100% orthopaedically handicapped  has been enhanced  to Rs. 600/- p.m.  w.e.f. 1.1.2006. 

3.         Govt. Institute for the Blind,Panipat:.

                        A residential school is being run at Panipat by this Department for blind boys and girls where the blind students of the age group of 6 to 18 years are being provided free education upto matric standard with facilities of boarding and lodging, clothing, food and books free of cost.  The blind students studying in 10 +1 and 10 +2 in other schools are also provided free residential facilities in this institute.  

4.            Training Centre for Adult Blind, Panipat:

                        For Adult Blinds, a Training Centre is being run in the premises of Govt. Institute for the Blind, at Panipat where Vocational Training of 3 years duration in the trades of   caning of chairs, weaving, candle making and music is imparted to the adult blinds of the age group of 18 to 45 years.  A Computer Training Cell has also been established here.

5.            Scholarships to the  Physically Handicapped Students:

                        Under this scheme, Physically Handicapped Students having not less than 40% disability and family income less than Rs. 6,000/- p.m.  Studying in various Govt.  and recognized schools,  colleges  and universities  are  provided  scholarships        varying  from Rs. 100/- to Rs. 750/- p.m. according to  class level. 

6.         Un-employment  Allowance to Educated  Handicapped:

                        Under this scheme,  educated physically handicapped persons having  not less than 70% disability and  educational qualification of  middle, matric and above level or diploma holder were provided  un-employment allowance  from the date of  their registration  in the employment exchanges.

                       Un-employment allowance is being given @ Rs. 200, Rs. 250, Rs. 300 per month according to their qualification to educated handicapped persons having 70% or more disability, whereas the rate for 100% handicapped has been enhance to Rs. 1000, Rs. 1500 and Rs. 2000 per month w.e.f 1-04-2006.

7.         State Awards to Handicapped:

                        Under this scheme, State awards are given every year to the best handicapped employees,  self- employed handicapped, employer and  placement officers of the handicapped. The details of the Awards are as under:-


Category of  Awards

Nature of Awards

Amount (in Rs.)


Best Handicapped employees / Self-employed Handicapped.

Ist prize            (1)

2nd prize           (1)

3rd prize           (2)

4th prize           (3)

10,000/- and certificate

8,000/- and certificate

6,000/- and certificate

4,000/- and certificate


Employer of the Handicapped

Ist prize           (1)


2nd prize          (1)

5,000/- and certificate of merit

3,000/- and certificate of merit


Placement Officers of the Handicapped

      One Prize

8,000/- and certificate of merit


8.            Employment to the Blinds:

            With a view to provide livelihood to the blinds, who are domicile caners are appointed at block level with retainership allowance of Rs. 3,510/- p.m. under this scheme.  129 posts of caners are already filled-up against the sanctioned strength of  135 posts. 

9.        Grant-in-aid to Voluntary Organizations:

            With a view  to promote the  Voluntary Organizations working in the  field of Handicapped Welfare and are registered under PWD Act, 1995 liberal grants are  sanctioned  every year.  The major organizations  engaged in this  field are  Haryana Saket Council Chandimandir, Haryana Welfare Society for Hearing and Speech Handicapped Panchkula,  Hind Kusht Nivaran Sangh Panchkula,  District Red Cross Societies, National Association  for the blind Faridabad, S.D.  Braille-cum-Tape Library  and  S.D. Institute for the blind Ambala Cantt.  The grant-in-aid  to these  Voluntary Organizations  is  sanctioned for  salary of staff and  ration money  for the maintenance  of inmates. 

10.         Aids and Appliances to the Handicapped:

            With a view to rehabilitate the disabled persons of the State, aids and appliances /artificial limbs are  provided  through  various Distt. Red Cross Societies and  Saket Council Chandimandir by manufacturing in their own workshops, 100% cost  of such aids and appliances/artificial limbs is  re-imbursed  to these institutions  by  Social Justice & Empowerment Department Haryana. 

12.            Multipurpose Camps  for the Disabled:

                                    Multipurpose Camps are being organized at District Level with a view to  create awareness  among the handicapped  for the various welfare schemes and facilities being provided  by State Govt.   Various concerned State Departments and Voluntary Organizations participate in these camps and facilities like filling up of forms of pensions, scholarships, identity cards and distribution of aids and appliances/artificial limbs are provided on the spot to the beneficiaries.

            13.       State Level Home  for Mentally Retarded:      

                                    A State Level Home for Mentally Retarded is proposed to be set-up by the State Govt. at Rohtak.  For this purpose the construction of building at a  cost  of Rs. 2.18 crore  has already been completed  and  it is likely to become  operational  shortly in the future.                                                              

            14.       Other miscellaneous facilities:

(i)         Re-imbursement of diet charges  @ Rs. 160/- p.m. per beneficiary  to the  students  studying in university hostels .

(ii)        Providing of  tape recorders and cassettes to the blind students  studying  from  10+1 to post graduation  level.

(iii)              Facility of  free traveling in State  Roadways buses to blinds and 100% Orthopaedically Handicapped. 

(iv)              The rates of conveyance allowance  to handicapped  has been enhanced  from 5% of basic pay or maximum Rs.250/- p.m. to 10% of basic pay or maximum Rs. 600/- p.m.

(v)               Priority to  blind Govt. employees  in allotment of  Govt. accommodation.

(vi)              All class-III  and  IV posts  reserved  for  handicapped  have been  taken out from the purview of  Haryana Staff Selection Commission.

(vii)            Relaxation  of 10 years  of age limit  for entry into Govt. service to the handicapped for some of the identified posts.

(viii)           Retirement age of Haryana Govt. employees  having not less than 70% disability enhanced from 58 to 60 years w. e .f. 31.1.2006.

(ix)              230 blinds have already been appointed against the posts reserved for the blinds and the backlog is likely to be completed by December, 2006.

(x)               The reimbursement rates of aids and appliances enhanced by 25% w.e.f. 1.4.2006

(xi)            The Rate of Retainership Allowance enhanced from Rs. 2000/ pm to Rs.3510/- pm w.e.f. from 1-01-2008

(xii)      The rate of State Award has been enhanced to double w.e.f. 1-01-2008.








Total Expenditure (in Rs.) 2006-07

No. of Beneficiaries under the Schemes


Budget Provision



Trg. Centre for adult blind, Sonepat





Govt. Institute for the blind, Panipat





Scholarship to Physically handicap.





Employment to Blind Persons





Unemployment Allowance to handicapped persons.





Prosthetic Aid (Aid & Appliances)





State Award to Physically to handicapped persons.





Grant-in-aid to Vol. Organizations

           97.36 lacs

18 institutions

      88.50 lacs


Pension to Handicapped persons





Setting up of lepers Homes at Sirsa (Capital)





Awareness Programmes through workshop seminars & conferences





State level Project/Home for Mentally Handicapped




    135.00 lacs


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